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3 star hotel in Rome centrally located minutes to the most important Roman landmarks
Hotel Domus Aventina Breakfast Hall
      o find a map showing our precise location and clear instructions on how to get to the Domus Aventina, please visit our Location page. The Google Map can be used as a route planner by going to full screen, as well as show you satellite images of Rome.
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Hotel Doums Aventina Entrance
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Why is the hotel called Domus Aventina?
A domus was the shape of a wealthy family house during the time of the Roman Empire. The domus had many rooms, an indoor courtyard called the atrium, various cubicula (bedrooms), trichinium (lounge), tablinum (living room), cellae (shops outside) and an altar to worship the pagan gods. As we are located on the Aventine hill the Hotel is called Domus Aventina!

Where exactly is the hotel located?
Via di Santa Prisca 11/B, Roma.

Does the price include taxes?

Are the prices stated the price per room?

What is the price per room?
Check the Hotel Domus Aventina booking page for up-to-date prices and offers.

What type of rooms can I choose from?
Single, twin, double and triple rooms; see them at the Hotel Domus Aventina 360 Interactive Virtual Tour.

Do they have private bathrooms?
Yes, all rooms have private en-suite, impeccably clean bathrooms.

Are there rooms with balconies?
Yes, some rooms have a balcony and some have fantastic views out onto the Church of Santa Prisca.

Is there air conditioning?
Yes, the rooms have air conditioning during the warm seasons.

Are there parking facilities?
Yes, in front of the hotel.

Is there a shuttle service?
Yes, we can arrange it. Leave us a note when you book online and we’ll get back to you.

Is the Hotel Domus Aventina close to public transport?
Yes, various modes of transport are available; trams, buses, trains and the underground.

What languages do staff speak?
English, Italian and French.

Is there a swimming pool?
No, there isn’t.

Is there an internet connection?
Yes, there is.

Home | Rooms & Services | Location | FAQ's | Useful Links | Reservations | Virtual Tour